A Brief History Of Dogs

Most homeowners own a variety of pets, from parakeets to rabbits, snakes to iguanas, but the ultimate, ideal pet has always been the dog. Dogs are loyal, sturdy reliable and most of all fun pets. They have plenty of liked qualities and a few disliked ones, and with enough good training, they can be the best companion a human will ever want. In the following brief article, we’ll get to look at the History of Dogs as Pets and where it all started. Read along to find out more.

Researchers have suggested that humans first started keeping canines as pets about 15,000 years ago years ago. This study proposes that canines started being domesticated at that time. By toning the dogs DNA with that of grey wolves, we can find their origin. So, dogs most likely came from these grey wolves. In fact, there’s a 90% similarity in the genetic structure of wolves and dogs.

Dogs have many wolf-like behaviors. For instance, dogs at times howl just like wolves. Dogs just like wolves love chasing preys such as mouse, squirrel, birds, and cats. Another similarity with the wolf family is that dogs like working as a pack or a team. Dogs also just like wolves will obviously protect and mark their territory.

Scientists believe that wolves were first attracted to humans especially their camps when they were scavenging for leftovers. With time, some wolves began traveling with nomadic humans and some sort of selection of animal domestication took place.

Women are believed to have been the 1st humans to pets these wolves. Dog breeds have been produced over the years for specific objectives. The collie dog breeds are known to be good in herding sheep. Spaniels and poodles, as well as Retriever breeds, are all good breeds for guard dogs. Most terriers have been bred to help in hunting vermin. For over 9,000, humans have been domesticating the Dog. Dogs can be guardians, and even protectors of their owner’s property and even live stocks. There are, in fact, plenty of paintings and drawings on historical wall caves dating back from 4,500 years BC. Dogs have been of great services to those who made them part of the family.

The culture of domesticating Dogs and majority of most canines continues to this day. Dogs are kept by homeowners as domestic pets mostly, even though most of them still work as sheepdogs, guide canines, and police dogs

Dog Breeds which were developed originally for a quite precise purpose today will probably no longer play the same role as they were earlier meant to in the society. However, most original characteristics will still exist in these dogs. For example, a golden retriever still has got an inborn urge to retrieving and a Border collie will always want to guard/herd a flock.

Researchers approve that most wolves started their association with humans some 15,000 years ago. At that time, humans were entombing dogs, which can be reflected as a show of affection. There’s evidence of canines being buried together with humans. Dogs were reflected as a member of the human family.

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