Some Must to Know Facts about Dog Breeding

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Do you love dogs? Do you want to be a dog breeder? The process will not be easy. Breeding your little puppies might be a rewarding experience, but the entire process will demand effort, patience, and research. It can be costly and more time-consuming. You need to gather all the information to make the process successful and more effective.

Do you want some help for the dog breeding? If yes, then you are in the right place. In this article, you will get some common facts about the dog breeding including the age, time, and the limitations. You can go through all these to become a successful breeder.

What is dog breeding?

Dog breeding is a process of mating some selective dogs to produce some specific characteristics and qualities. It mainly focuses on the artificial selection of the dogs to create a different breed or specific qualities. The person who does the breeding is known as the breeder. Many things determine the breeding including the age of the dog and health condition.

What is the appropriate age of the breeding?

That depends on the breeds. When some breeds take less time to be mature, others take a little longer. On average, the dogs become fertile after reaching six months of age and they will be able for the breeding within twelve to fifteen months. During this period, they become fully mature. Adult dogs are able to mate anytime.

In addition, the large dogs reach the full maturity during eighteen to twenty-four months old. The medium dog breeds reach the full maturity within twelve to fifteen to eighteen months old. The small dog breeds get the maturity within twelve to eighteen months. An experienced breeder can understand the right age of the maturity depending on the breed of the dog.

What will be the process?

You will have to follow some steps for the breeding.

• You will have to wait for the dam to get into heat. The dam needs to heat before your dog can be bred.

• You can consider artificial insemination. It can help you to breed your dog in the absence of a stud. It is safe and proven.

• You need to keep the dam healthy.

Is there any age restriction?

As mentioned earlier, you will have to wait till the full maturity. If they are adults, you can mate them anytime depending on the demand. But once they will be too old, you cannot use them for the breeding. They are considered old for the breeding after reaching twelve years of age.

How to pair the dogs

It should be deliberate. Your responsibility is to bring them together. Both the dogs need to have the good disposition to get good puppies. Make sure that the dogs are healthy and they do not have any genetic defect. If you want to breed more than once before being spayed, your female dog needs to be allowed to rest between litters.

While going for a dog breeding, you need to focus on some important factors that include the age, disposition, and the health conditions of both the dogs.

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